Conversational AI Could Lead To Human Extinction

I’m rather late to the party here; but I’ve just had my first interaction with ChatGPT.

Naturally, as the philosophical type, I asked about its name and identity, which descended into a contemplative dialogue about marketing and branding (I was doing so in hope that the staff at OpenAI would read the interaction and perhaps consider a new name for it – ChatGPT is so callous).

While I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction, mostly because it provided me with some litigious dialogue, it only took a few responses for its intelligence (or lack thereof) to be exposed.

I have to say, I was rather disappointed with that.

Despite this, however, there is no doubt that this tech is a watershed moment.

I don’t know about you, but one of the bigger niches where I see its ingenuity being most helpful is that of human loneliness.

Culture commentators thought that Social Media was the solution to human loneliness. No, my friends. Conversational AI will be the base layer for fulfilling humanity’s social needs.

Ironically, this will lead to the further isolation of humanity, and quite possibly lead to our extinction.

(Of course due to human relationships and companionship no longer being necessary).

James Preston

James is a journalist who has been specialising in the technology industry for over twenty years, and has continued to grow to become a leading voice on fintech and innovation issues.

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