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Is Google’s Next Big Thing The Pixel Tablet?

Google may be working on a new Pixel tablet, according to reports. The company has not released a new tablet since the Pixel Slate in 2018, which was criticized for its high price and software issues. However, a new tablet may be in the works, based on recent comments from Google’s senior vice president of devices and services, Rick Osterloh.

During a recent interview, Osterloh was asked about the future of Google’s hardware lineup, and he mentioned that the company is “definitely working on the next iteration of Pixel,” which could refer to a new smartphone or tablet. When pressed for more information, Osterloh declined to provide any specifics, but noted that Google is “committed to tablets.”

A new Pixel tablet could be an important addition to Google’s hardware lineup, as the company has been focusing more on laptops and smartphones in recent years. The Pixel Slate was intended to be a high-end device for productivity and entertainment, but it was ultimately overshadowed by other devices on the market. A new tablet could help Google compete with the likes of Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface lineup.

However, there are still questions about the viability of the tablet market, particularly as more people are using smartphones and laptops for productivity and entertainment. It’s possible that Google could be rethinking its approach to tablets, or that it could be exploring new form factors beyond traditional tablets.

Overall, a new Pixel tablet would be an interesting development for Google’s hardware division, and could help the company expand its offerings beyond smartphones and laptops. However, it remains to be seen what Google’s approach will be and how well a new tablet would be received by consumers.

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