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Meta’s New Social Media App, Threads, Gains Traction Despite Initial Banality: A Potential Threat To Twitter’s Dominance

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new social media platform called Threads. This app, which is being seen as a competitor to Twitter, was released earlier than expected, and within the first few hours, it had already attracted 10 million users. Despite the initial user experience being described as rather mundane, this could be the key to Threads’ success in a digital world often dominated by controversy and outrage.

Threads users found their feeds filled with posts reminiscent of an average day on Twitter. High-profile users like Mark Cuban and Jake Paul were active, and the general public used the platform to share predictable humor. The platform was free from the controversies that have plagued other social media platforms, such as explicit content, hate speech, and technical failures. Users simply logged in, posted a few things, and scrolled around, likely leaving without seeing anything particularly memorable.

This simplicity could be Threads’ strength. All it needs to do to outperform Twitter is to provide a safe and stable platform where users can share their thoughts and receive likes from their followers. So far, this strategy seems to be working.

Threads has several advantages that could lead to its success and Twitter’s downfall. One of the most significant is that it’s built on Instagram, allowing users to connect with their Instagram friends and followers with a single tap. This feature could help Threads overcome the challenge of building a community, which is often a stumbling block for new social media apps.

Twitter, on the other hand, has been facing several issues. Recently, it limited the number of posts users can see in an attempt to combat spam and bots. This decision, along with increasing user dissatisfaction and a significant drop in ad sales, could provide an opportunity for Threads to gain ground.

Threads also has the potential to attract advertisers. Early promotional screenshots of the app featured a user talking about a local business, and industry insiders suggest that advertising and e-commerce customers are ready to make the jump. Threads also adheres to Instagram’s terms of service, which are stricter than Twitter’s, providing a cleaner, more controlled platform for brands.

However, Threads also faces challenges. Meta’s reputation for data privacy issues could deter users. The app will collect data including health and financial information, location data, browsing history, contacts, and more. While Twitter collects similar information, users looking for alternatives might be hesitant to give more data to Meta.

Furthermore, a recent ruling in the European Union (EU) could pose a significant problem for Threads. The ruling prevents companies like Meta from sharing information between its various apps, tracking people across the internet, or sending data to the United States. This could be a significant setback for Threads, as it would not be able to leverage Instagram’s network in the EU, which is one of its key advantages.

Despite these challenges, Threads is not the only new player in the social media landscape. Other platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky are also vying for Twitter’s user base. However, if Meta’s history is any indication, Threads doesn’t necessarily need to be the “coolest” platform to succeed. It just needs to provide a space where a lot of people can see your posts.

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