Here’s Why Hollywood’s Movie Dialogue Has Become Harder To Hear

In recent years, it has become increasingly challenging to comprehend the dialogue in Hollywood films. This is not due to a decline in hearing abilities, but rather a complex combination of factors that have been gradually changing the way movies are produced and presented.

The issue is not as simple as adjusting a few settings on a mixing board. It is a multifaceted problem with no single element to blame. According to Mark Mangini, an Academy Award-winning sound designer, it’s a mix of issues that have been intensifying over the past decade. This has led to a noticeable decline in dialogue clarity in films.

One of the significant factors is the deliberate choice by some filmmakers to make dialogue less intelligible. Christopher Nolan, the director of “Tenet,” “Interstellar,” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” is a prime example. He often pushes the boundaries of sound design, resulting in scenes where audiences literally cannot understand what his characters are saying.

Another contributing factor is the change in acting styles. Modern actors often adopt a more naturalistic style, which can make it harder for the production sound mixer to capture high-quality sound. This can result in dialogue that is barely intelligible or even mumbled.

The treatment of sound teams during filming also plays a role. Sound professionals often complain about not getting the respect they need to properly capture sound. As movies have become more visually exciting, the visuals have taken precedence over what we hear.

The evolution of technology has also contributed to the problem. With the advent of digital audio and digital cinema, sound design has become more complex. This has led to an increase in the amount of music in modern movies, forcing music and dialogue to compete for prominence in the mix.

Finally, the way films are mixed for cinemas and streaming platforms can affect dialogue intelligibility. The quality of sound can vary significantly between the mixing stages and the actual theater. Additionally, when films are mixed for streaming, they often undergo compression, which can degrade the quality of the sound.

In conclusion, the decline in dialogue intelligibility in Hollywood films is a complex issue with no easy solution. It is the result of a combination of deliberate choices by filmmakers, changes in acting styles, the treatment of sound teams, the evolution of technology, and the way films are mixed for cinemas and streaming platforms.

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