Here’s What To Expect From Google’s Pixel 7

Here's a full run down of the new set of features expected from the Google Pixel 7.

The expected launch window for Google’s next main-series phone, the Pixel 7, is around October 2022, but after GoogleIO, we already have some interesting tidbits about what to expect in the upcoming device.

Let’s have a look.

Clearly the double-phone approach from last 2021 worked, also suggesting that the XL name (used for a few years for its ‘Pro-like’ phones) is to be done away with.

From pictures, the handsets don’t look too different to their Pixel 6 predecessors, with the large camera bar still the eye-catching design feature.

A new design change though is the camera bump, which is now the same continuous metal piece as the frame – recycled aluminium.

Both devices will come in white and black, while there will also be a yellow Pixel 7 and a green Pixel 7 Pro.

There are no changes to the camera count from the Pixel 6 series: Users expect two in the Pixel 7 and three in the Pixel 7 Pro.

The layout of these has been re-arranged a bit, and there seem to be newer sensors, but the number themselves remains the same. We can also see that the Pixel 7 Pro will implement a telephoto, not periscope, zoom lens.

While the Pixel 6 used Google’s Tensor chipset, the next 7 series will get the second-gen version of their in-house chipset.

We aren’t sure yet what changes the new version will bring, but hopefully improved speed. Perhaps some additional AI features for the camera as well.

The Pixel 7 series will likely be the first phones to come with Android 13 software built-in, based on Google’s precedent. Google didn’t say as much, but it’s what’s we’ve come to expect over the years.

Something that Google did for the Pixel 6 series was starting to tease the phones much earlier, so we knew quite a bit about them by the time they shipped.

Apparently that is also the case this year, as the Google IO announcement no doubt made clear. But in addition to this: Google is opening a new hardware store in New York in mid-2022, and the upcoming handsets will be available to view there.

So the Tech giant is clearly planning a whole tease cycle for the Pixel 7 devices.

The Google Pixel Watch was also shown off at Google IO, and we actually got some extra info on it than we did the Pixel 7. It’ll have some Fitbit modes, as well as an NFC chip for payments

Apparently, the smartwatch will have a dedicated launch when the Pixel 7 launches, and we’ll likely see some great pre-order bundles that combine the new phone and watch too.


All in all, the Pixel 7 Series looks to bring some exciting new dimensions to the Google mobile family, and the addition of the Pixel Watch is going to make these handsets a force to be reckoned with. Whether they will have the power to truly disrupt Apple is still doubtful, but what isn’t in doubt is that Google are at least getting closer.

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