GM Is Taking On The Tesla Powerwall Through New Energy Storage Business

General Motors announced today that it will offer a range of products for the home that will help cover their total energy needs. The services will be offered by GM Energy.

Through GM Energy, the automaker will offer Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial, which create a “holistic ecosystem of energy management products” with the help of the existing Ultium Charge 360.

These stationary batteries are not unlike the Tesla Power Wall, and GM wants its customers to be able to manage the energy consumption through its proprietary Energy Service Cloud. This will offer management tools and data about usage to help residential and commercial customers control the energy flow of everything from cars to buildings.

Through a partnership with SunPower, customers will be able to buy solar panels and energy storage solutions for their home. With the system, customers will be able to gather electricity through the day, store it in a stationary battery, and charge or draw from their electric vehicle, depending on their needs. The home energy system will be available alongside the retail launch of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV.

“GM Energy’s mission is to offer customers access to a full suite of energy products and services, including solutions beyond the vehicle, accelerating the seamless transition to an all-electric future,” said Travis Hester, vice president of GM EV Growth Operations. “With the expansion of our enterprise business through GM Energy and one of the most comprehensive portfolios of energy management products and services available, we will help to reduce the barriers of entry for sustainable power and further accelerate the mass adoption of EVs.”

In addition, GM is working with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to create a vehicle to home pilot project. This allows EVs to draw from or contribute to the energy usage of a home. Known as bi-directional charging, this enables owners to use energy stored in their vehicles at peak hours in order to lower their electricity bill or ease the burden on the system.

“The massive scale of GM Energy’s solutions will allow us to better address current challenges with grid infrastructure, energy storage and energy management head on,” says Mark Bole, vice president and Head of V2X Battery Solutions at GM. “By leveraging GM’s flexible technology platforms and the power of Ultium, we’re able to provide resilient and accessible energy solutions for all customers and the grid, helping to further advance the all-electric future.”

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