New Star Wars Prequel Explores Origins Of The Force, Preceding The Jedi Order

James Mangold, the director of the upcoming Star Wars film set in the “Dawn of the Jedi Era”, has made a surprising revelation. His movie will actually be set before the establishment of the Jedi Order.

Mangold’s Star Wars film, which takes place at least 25,000 years prior to the main Skywalker saga, is said to be a religious epic, drawing inspiration from the Ten Commandments. The film aims to explore the origins of the Force, setting the stage for everything we know about the Star Wars universe.

During his appearance on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Mangold hinted that his new Star Wars film will precede the concepts of the Jedi and Midi-chlorians. He said, “I can’t promise anything, but it will be set before the Jedi. You might witness something that could evolve into the Jedi. I believe that people don’t label themselves before they’ve truly discovered who they are… I think that the labeling happens later.”

These statements strongly imply that the characters in his film could be instrumental in setting up what eventually becomes the Jedi Order. Their exploration of the Force could lead to the development of their moral values and the establishment of some form of the Jedi Code.

Mangold’s film aims to depict the gradual development of the Jedi Order. He believes that organizations and groups are born from ideas and gradually shape their identities over time. It would be unrealistic for the Jedi to instantly become the Order we know from the main saga. Instead, it’s a philosophy that evolves over years, or even decades. With his film being an epic, it’s unclear how much time will be covered, but the exploration of the Force over a generation could potentially lay the groundwork for the Jedi Order in Star Wars.

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